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Floorbit 2022 Collections are our most technologically advanced flooring to date, incorporating everything that we have learned over a decade about what makes a desirable flooring.

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Synchrowood.com Sdn Bhd

Synchrowood.com Founded

Synchrowood.com Sdn Bhd, a factory to manufacture laminate flooring, is set up at Demak Laut Industrial Park, an integrated wood-based products processing zone in Kuching, Sarawak. The factory is strategically-located just 8 kilometres away from Senari Port, Kuching.

With a start-up capital of RM30 million, the factory has three production lines with an annual production capacity of 6,000,000 m² for flooring products. From 2009 until today, our flooring products have been sold domestically and exported globally to more than 25 countries. Being the sole manufacturer of laminate flooring in East Malaysia, our laminate flooring products have gained international recognition due to the excellent moisture-resistant coreboard, which is made of tropical hardwood high-density fibreboard (HDF). This is achieved by being partners with Daiken Fibreboard Sdn Bhd in Miri, Sarawak.

With the whole production process under one roof, we have complete control over every stage of production, from customised product design to packaging. Our products comply with EN 13329 European Standard, as certified by EPH in Germany. In addition, our products have gone through stringent product testing to achieve high quality standards. We are among the few factories in (ASEAN) that can produce Super E0 or Japanese F 4-star low formaldehyde emissions tropical hardwood HDF laminate flooring. All our raw materials are certified eco-friendly by Programmes for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) and Singapore Environment Council. We use reclaimed wood to manufacture our flooring coreboard. 

With more than 25 years of experience in wood-based industries, the founder, Mr. Liew, is the first and only Malaysian inventor of a glue-free laminate flooring installation system. With the glue-free click installation system, the installation time reduces while care and maintenance become easy.  

Engineered Surface (ES) technology

This was a major quality improvement on the flooring surface texture. The surface has better clarity, higher abrasion resistance, and a more natural wood look. It is also more eco-friendly as the technology reduces the energy required during the lamination process.

Engineered Surface (ES) laminate flooring production

Commence first commercial production
Besides laminate flooring with ES, we manufacture other products like laminate flooring with wood grain (WG) surface and hybrid engineered flooring, for product diversification. The decor of hybrid engineered flooring is made of veneer instead of decorative paper, and their coreboard is made of either plywood or HDF.


E1 certificate

Obtain E1 certification from EPH, a test laboratory accredited by DAkkS in Germany. Our products have very low formaldehyde emissions as mandated by the E1 guidelines.

OEM products

We started to offer products made according to customers' specifications. For example, customised product design, materials, dimensions, abrasion class, colours, and packaging. Customers from different countries such as India, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Indonesia will each have different demands, in terms of product colours, dimensions, and certain product features.

Singapore Green Label

Non-toxic test

Our products are tested by SETSCO, one of Singapore’s largest test and inspection companies accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council, for not containing toxic materials such as heavy metals, halogenated solvents, and aromatic solvents.

Singapore Green Label certification

Our products are certified by the Singapore Green Label scheme to be environmentally friendly, as they are made of recycled materials.

Real wood grain (RWG) technology

RWG makes laminate flooring surfaces have similar textures to that of hardwood by precisely aligning the embossed wood grain to the design of the decorative paper during the pressing process.



Launched the Synone collection. Synone refers to the unique surface appearance in which the wood grain on the laminate flooring is intentionally sharpened for an enhanced three-dimensional look. The collection includes laminate flooring with 6-inch width, a popular panel size in Europe, and AC5 abrasion resistance.

Waterproof HD laminate flooring

Waterproof High-density (HD) Flooring

After extensive product development, a HD waterproof flooring was launched. With an 8mm thick waterproof HD coreboard, AC5 abrasion resistance, and being formaldehyde-free and fully recyclable, this waterproof flooring distinguishes itself from vinyl or PVC flooring. It is suitable for commercial applications, such as in wet kitchens, resorts, and spas.



Introduces a new glue-free floating installation system for hard floor covering. It enables tool free installation to make DIY installation easier and has higher locking strength and connection stability.

Volcano Direct Laminate (VDL)

Launch VDL, which is made of a proprietary waterproof high-density coreboard containing volcano ash. It contains no formaldehyde, can be installed with a thin (1mm) underlayment, and is produced in 4mm thickness only. VDL is designed for residential use.



Launch HUECK Woodfloor collection, which improved our laminate flooring surfaces with HUECK Rheinische dual-tone technology. The flooring in the collection is made of 12mm tropical HDF coreboard and AC5 overlay.


Floorbit founded

Our founder, Mr. Liew, started Floorbit to address the growing demand for waterproof flooring in the market, such as SPC flooring. Floorbit 4mm and 5mm are launched with patented Technobalancer. They improved on regular SPC flooring by being more stable and able to resist moisture underneath the floorboards after installation.

Floorbit Ultraboden

Launch Ultraboden, which is an all-purpose waterproof and fireproof laminate flooring designed for residential and commercial applications.

Ultraboden is manufactured to resist water, heat, and abrasion, with an extremely high-density (1500kg/m³) coreboard that is stable in high-temperature environments.

Waterblock flooring


After years of R&D, the Waterblock collection is launched. Waterblock flooring combines both the advantages of laminate and SPC flooring. It has the natural appearance of a wood surface and is waterproof.



Launch our website www.floorbit.com for people to purchase our products online. Customers in Kuching can have their orders shipped directly to them, or pick up their orders for free at our warehouse.


Set up a showroom in GalaCity, Kuching for people to browse and try our products in person.

But this is only the beginning.

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