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It’s easy to get your new laminate flooring home in good shape by following a few simple rules.

The Right Way to Transport Laminate Flooring
Leave the new laminate in its original packaging for transport. Assuming that you’re planning to take it home in your car:
1. Lay the boxes down flat inside the car, preferably in the boot or in the back seat. Don’t place them upright or lean them.
2. Make sure they are supported in the middle and not just on the edges.
3. To prevent the boxes from sliding when driving through curves and making turns, we recommend fastening them with belts or ropes. But not too tightly to avoid damaging the tongue-and-groove joints.
4. Don’t let the packaged laminate get rained on by, for example, transporting the boxes on a vehicle’s roof or in the back of a pickup truck.
5. After arriving at your destination, leave the flooring in the original packaging until installation.

Proper Storage
It’s important to properly store the laminate flooring if you decide to postpone installing the new floor, or are unable to move into your new home, perhaps because it’s still under construction. The same applies if some are left over after installation, to keep the rest in reserve.

Upright or flat?
Make sure to store the laminate planks in a flat, horizontal position. Otherwise, they can suffer damage or warp.

Stacked or spread out?
Stack the laminate flooring crosswise, with each successive layer rotated 90° with respect to the last. This saves space, allows air to circulate better, and prevents the boxes from tipping over.

Inside the original packaging or not?
Leave the laminate flooring in the original packaging to protect it from damage.

Acclimating Laminate Flooring
Before installing flooring, allow it to acclimate for about 48 hours at a temperature of at least 18°C. Lay the planks down, without removing them from the original packaging, in the same room they will be installed. It’s best to lay four packages alongside one another, then the next four on top of them at right angles so it looks like a grid. This prevents the planks from sagging in the middle and lets the laminate adjust to conditions in the room. It’s then ready for installation.

Long-term Storage
If you need to store laminate flooring for longer than the 48 hours required for acclimatisation, make sure to monitor the temperature and relative humidity. The ideal conditions for longer-term storage are a temperature of 20-22°C and 50 to 60% r.h. Avoid large temperature fluctuations and constant draughts as they can damage the laminate by causing it to expand and contract repeatedly. Leave the planks in the sealed boxes and store them in an unused room.
If a box has already been opened, use packaging tape to reseal the plastic sheet surrounding the planks. So just in case, it’s best not to dispose of the packaging right away when installing the flooring. If you do, however, a tip is to wrap individual planks in the plastic membrane you're using for the vapour barrier, which can effectively protect the laminate flooring.

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