Enjoy 15 years of peace of mind when you join our Extended Warranty Program

Exclusive to flooring in Floorbit 2022 Collections used for residential applications.

Extend your warranty for FREE in 2 simple steps

Take a photo or as many photos as you like of your new Floorbit flooring. Make sure you get a clear shot. Show us your creativity!

Send your photo(s) as an attachment(s) in an email to ecommerce@floorbit.com
In the body of your email, please review your Floorbit flooring in detail. We like to hear your honest opinion on our product. Please rate your overall experience of purchasing from us, from 1 to 5 stars, at the end of the email.
You can send multiple emails if your attachments exceed the attachment size limit of a single email.

Please also include the following information for us to process your warranty extension:
1. Order number*
2. Which flooring was installed?
3. Private or commercial use?

You will receive a confirmation email in a couple of days.

* Your order must contain flooring in Floorbit 2022 Collections to be eligible. The order number can be found in the Order Confirmation or Shipping Confirmation emails.

Don't want to write a review?

Get an additional 5 years of warranty coverage for RM 1300. We offer up to 15-years warranty on our flooring.

Terms and Conditions

1. Only flooring in Floorbit 2022 collections, purchased for residential applications, within one year of the application for warranty extension will qualify.

2. Warranty is extendible only once per flooring.

3. You will receive a status update on your application via email within 5 working days.

4. Floorbit has absolute discretion to change the parameters of the warranty extension program at any time. Floorbit’s decisions on all aspects of this program are final and binding.

5. Please ensure that there are no people in the photo(s) you send to us.

6. You agreed that we may publish your photo(s) and review(s) on our website and/or social media after we processed your warranty extension.

7. The warranty extension is only offered in Malaysia.