Guide to Choosing the Perfect Laminate Flooring for Your Home

Mar 22, 2023

Laminate flooring is popular among Malaysian homeowners due to its durability, easy maintenance, and affordability. With numerous types and styles available, selecting the right laminate flooring for your home may seem overwhelming. This comprehensive guide will provide you with 12 essential considerations to help you choose the perfect laminate flooring for your home.


Assess the Room Size and Usage 

When selecting laminate flooring, consider the room's size and usage. For high-traffic areas such as hallways or living rooms, opt for a more durable option with a high AC rating, indicating durability and resistance to wear and tear. You may not need the highest durability for bedrooms or guest rooms and can choose a lower AC rating. Smaller rooms may benefit from lighter-coloured laminate flooring to create an illusion of a larger space. On the other hand, darker colours make a room feel cosier, which is ideal for larger rooms.


Identify Your Style and Colour Preferences 

Laminate flooring comes in various styles and colours, from wood-look to stone-look to tile-look. Consider your home's overall style and choose laminate flooring that complements it. Wood-look laminate flooring provides a classic and timeless look, stone-look laminate flooring is excellent for a modern and sleek appearance, and tile-look laminate flooring adds elegance and sophistication to a space.


Select the Right Texture 

Laminate flooring comes in various textures, from smooth to hand-scraped to embossed. Smooth textures are easier to clean and maintain, while hand-scraped or embossed textures add depth and character to a space. Consider your home's overall style and the atmosphere you want to create when choosing the texture of your laminate flooring.


Determine the Appropriate Thickness 

Laminate flooring thickness ranges from 6mm to 12mm. Thicker laminate flooring offers more durability and stability, while thinner options may be more affordable. Consider the space's usage when choosing the thickness of your laminate flooring. Opt for a thicker option for high-traffic areas or rooms with heavy furniture. A thinner option may suffice for spaces with lighter foot traffic or furniture.


Consider the Pattern 

Laminate flooring patterns can impact the overall look and feel of a space. Single-plank patterns provide a more uniform appearance, while multi-plank patterns add depth and dimension. Choose a pattern that complements your home's style and desired atmosphere.


Look for Water-Resistant Options 

In Malaysia, where high humidity and occasional flooding are common, it is crucial to consider water-resistant laminate flooring options. Water-resistant laminate flooring is designed to withstand moisture exposure and prevent damage from spills or leaks. Choose a laminate flooring with moisture-resistant or waterproof core for kitchens, bathrooms, or basements to avoid damage and ensure flooring longevity.


Establish Your Budget 

Laminate flooring is affordable compared to hardwood or tile. Still, prices can vary depending on quality, style, and thickness. Determine your budget before shopping and select options within your price range. Remember that cheaper options may be less durable and long-lasting than more expensive options. Find a balance between affordability and quality when choosing laminate flooring for your home.


Account for Installation 

Laminate flooring installation can vary depending on the type you choose. Some use a click-and-lock system for easy installation without adhesive. In contrast, others may require glue or other adhesives. Consider your DIY skills and comfort level when selecting a laminate flooring installation method. Suppose you're comfortable with DIY projects and have flooring installation experience. In that case, you can install your laminate flooring yourself using a click-and-lock system. However, hiring a professional may be a better choice if you're uncomfortable with DIY projects or have limited experience with flooring installation.


Think About Maintenance 

While laminate flooring is durable and low-maintenance, maintaining its appearance still requires some upkeep. Consider the maintenance requirements of different laminate flooring when making your decision. Some may require more frequent cleaning or special cleaning products. In contrast, others may be more resistant to scratches and stains, reducing maintenance requirements. Also, consider the warranty that comes with your laminate flooring. Some manufacturers offer warranties covering scratches, stains, and other types of damage, providing peace of mind knowing your flooring is protected.


Obtain Samples 

Before finalising your laminate flooring choice, get samples and bring them home to see how they look in your space. Samples can help you visualise the flooring in your home and give you a better idea of the texture and colour. When obtaining samples, consider getting samples of different thicknesses and styles for comparison. This can help you make an informed decision.


Consider Underlayment

Underlayment is an essential component of laminate flooring installation. It provides cushioning, sound absorption, and moisture protection. When choosing laminate flooring, consider the type of underlayment needed for your specific flooring and whether it's included or needs to be purchased separately. Different types of underlayment can affect the overall comfort, performance, and lifespan of your laminate flooring.


Evaluate Manufacturer Reputation 

Lastly, research the reputation of various laminate flooring manufacturers. Look for reviews and testimonials from other homeowners who have purchased and installed the flooring. A reputable manufacturer will produce high-quality laminate flooring that will stand the test of time.


Final Thoughts 

By taking into account factors such as room size and usage, style and colour preferences, texture, thickness, pattern, water resistance, budget, installation, maintenance, underlayment, and manufacturer reputation, you can find the perfect laminate flooring that complements your home's style, meets your practical needs and provides long-lasting durability and beauty.