Ultraboden 8.5mm

ultraboden 8.5mm product structure ultraboden 8.5mm product structure

Ultraboden 8.5mm

Waterproof and fireproof laminate with extreme HDF.

From RM 15.00 / sq ft

1. Melamine Resin Overlay

The overlay is a transparent film, impregnated with melamine and phenol resins for enhanced durability, that protects the decor paper underneath from mechanical influence. This top layer makes Ultraboden 8.5mm resistant to stains, wear, impact, scratches, burns, and household chemicalsIts lightfast surface remains stable for many years.

Natural Wood Grain 

You can feel the texture of fine wood grain on the surface of the floor. This texture is added based on digital scans of wood veneer.

Embossed Surface

By aligning the embossing of the wood grain with the decor design, the surface texture of Ultraboden 8.5mm matches the design of the printed decorative layer. When you move your fingers over the surface you can feel the texture of wood pores, filled knots, and cracks, just like you would with real wood flooring such as parquet. 


Rated as AC3, Ultraboden 8.5mm is suitable for residential areas with intensive use, such as in kitchens and entrance halls, and commercial areas with little use, such as in hotel rooms and small offices.


Ultraboden 8.5mm is non-staining. Even furniture or chair castors leave no traces. The floor is easy to clean due to the tightly sealed surface preventing dirt from sticking. Stains of all kinds, in the kitchen or otherwise, can easily be removed from the planks using acetone, thinner, or alcohol. 


The textures on the floorboards increase stability and reduce the chances of slips and falls. The anti-slip properties ensure a comfortable walking experience in all rooms.

2. Decorative Paper

Decor describes the appearance of a floor’s surface. Wood surface reproduction is printed on the decorative paper using digital imaging techniques.


The decorative paper is resistant to fading due to an aluminium oxide coating on the overlay. This prevents fading caused by exposure to a light to moderate amount of sunlight.

Natural Wood Look

Real Wood Grain (RWG) technology intensifies the depth, texture, and realistic look of Ultraboden 8.5mm. The precisely milled micro-bevel, embossed wood textures, and matt surface create the perception and impression of naturally oiled wood. The decorative layer is a high-resolution photo of real wood reproduced with sophisticated digital printing techniques and finished with melamine resin.

3. Coreboard

The High-Density Fibreboard (HDF) coreboard forms the basis of Ultraboden 8.5mm and provides stability to the product. This is where we find the largest proportion of wood, as HDF consists of highly compressed wood fibres. HDF provides better plank stability and allows the click profile to be precisely manufactured. HDF is twice as dense as softwood, so it is more resistant to wear and tear. The coreboard is also environmentally responsible because it contains wood by-products that would otherwise be burned or put into landfills.

Extreme HDF

The coreboard is made of compressed wood fibres with an extremely high average density of 1500kg/m³, significantly above the average density of regular HDF coreboards of 850-880 kg/m³. As a result, the HDF middle layer makes the planks relatively heavy, so they do not vibrate easily and are highly resistant to wear and tear.


The coreboard was tested and certified for 0% thickness swelling (TS) after 24 hours, which exceeds the EN 13329 requirement for average TS of 18% or lower after 24 hours. The coreboard has a high degree of hardness, density, and insignificant swelling behaviour to moisture. High moisture resistance prevents the joints from swelling. In addition, all four sides of the Ultraboden 8.5mm planks are coated by a water-repellent agent made of paraffin and impregnating oil using a vacuum nozzle-powered injection system. Thus, the edges of the planks are well-protected from moisture. Ultraboden 8.5mm can survive flooding.


The coreboard achieved an ASTM E84-19b Class A rating. Ultraboden 8.5mm can slow the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire.

4. Backing Layer

This waterproof melamine resin backing layer helps to balance the product and provides a high degree of dimensional stability. It ensures that the floor will not cup or bow when properly installed and maintained.

Engraved Logo

Our logos are embossed at the back of each plank to signify the authenticity of the product.



The bulge-resistant middle layer and the fully waterproof melamine resin surface ensure that mop water and spills will not cause any damage. Ultraboden 8.5mm is suitable for rooms with high humidity. However, it is unsuitable for outdoor areas and rooms with permanently high moisture load, such as shower cubicles, saunas and rooms with floor drain. Because of the waterproof coreboard, an accident with a glass of water falling on the floor, for example, is not a problem. Nevertheless, we recommend removing any standing moisture as soon as reasonably possible. The floors can be cleaned easily with a damp mop or steam cleaner (household appliance).



Extreme HDF contains only recovered wood. These are wood waste collected from sawmills, forest management processes and roadside maintenance that would otherwise be burned or discarded. So instead of harvesting new trees, we only use wood by-products. We use no round logs and endangered trees in our manufacturing process. Ultraboden 8.5mm does not contain any PVC, plasticisers (phthalates), heavy metals, organochlorine compounds, pesticides or other harmful additives, thus reducing emissions. Rest assured that Ultraboden 8.5mm has an excellent environmental footprint, is safe to use and can be recycled at the end of its life cycle.

suitable for residential and commercial applications

Suitable for residential and commercial applications.

Whether for a completely new building, renovating existing houses or individual rooms, Ultraboden 8.5mm is up to any challenge. In addition to being easy to clean, resistant to cigarette burns, minimising ambient sound and footfalls and being warm underfoot, it also lasts a very long time. The click system makes it easy to install on the staircase, living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Ultraboden 8.5mm is also suitable for high-humidity areas.

Ultraboden 8.5mm is also suitable for shop and exhibition construction, whether you are looking for flooring for an individually designed shop, an exhibition stand or a temporary shop-in-shop. Temporary constructions can be quick thanks to the cost-effective floating installation with no time-consuming preparatory work required. With Floorbit underlay, Ultraboden 8.5mm is robust and can easily withstand heavy loads. The underlay also protects the subfloor. Ultraboden 8.5mm can be installed in a wide range of areas, from cashier areas, entrances and exits, walkways and changing rooms to storage and social rooms, as well as offices and emergency escape routes.

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ultraboden 8.5mm customer image
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