Ultraboden 8.5mm

ultraboden 8.5mm product structure ultraboden 8.5mm product structure

Ultraboden 8.5mm

Waterproof and fireproof laminate with extreme HDF.

From RM15.00/sq. ft.

Melamine resin overlay.

The overlay is a transparent film impregnated with melamine and phenol resins. This protective layer safeguards the decor paper beneath from stains, wear, impact, burns and household chemicals. Its lightfast surface remains stable for many years.

Natural wood grain 

The texture of fine wood grain is reproduced on every plank through digital scans of wood veneer.

Embossed surface

The embossing process of wood grain aligns with the decor design, creating a surface texture that mirrors the intricacies of the printed decorative paper. From the subtle textures of wood pores to the character of filled knots and cracks, your fingers will dance across a surface almost indistinguishable from real wood flooring.


Ultraboden 8.5mm is non-staining, ensuring that even the furniture and chair castors leave no trace. The tightly sealed surface repels dirt, making cleaning a breeze. And when spills or stains occur, be it in the kitchen or elsewhere, you can easily remove them with acetone, thinner, or alcohol.


Rated as AC3, Ultraboden 8.5mm is engineered to withstand the demands of high-traffic residential areas and light-traffic commercial spaces. From the bustle of a home kitchen and entrance hall to the steady foot traffic of a hotel room or small office, Ultraboden 8.5mm will remain resilient.


The textures on each Ultraboden 8.5mm plank enhance stability and minimise the risk of slips and falls.

Liquid Overlay technology

The overlay with an aluminium oxide coating has excellent transparency. It unveils the exceptional detail and clarity of the decorative paper beneath, creating a more realistic wood look.

Decorative paper.

Decor describes the appearance of a floor’s surface. Using digital imaging techniques, the natural beauty of wood is reproduced on the decorative paper. Whether you prefer the warmth of oak, the elegance of teak, or the richness of walnut, the decorative paper brings your vision to life.


The aluminium oxide coating on the overlay provides fade resistance, ensuring that Ultraboden 8.5mm maintain its vibrant appearance even when exposed to light to moderate amounts of sunlight.

Natural wood look

Real Wood Grain (RWG) technology accentuates the depth, texture, and realistic appearance of Ultraboden 8.5mm. The precisely milled micro-bevel edges, embossed wood textures and matt surface combine to create the look and feel of naturally oiled wood. The decorative layer features a high-resolution photograph of real wood, reproduced using advanced digital printing techniques and finished with a durable melamine resin for lasting protection.


At the heart of Ultraboden 8.5mm lies the High-Density Fibreboard (HDF) coreboard, providing stability and dent resistance. Made from highly compressed wood fibres, HDF boasts twice the density of softwood, so it is more resistant to wear and tear. Its superior stability allows the click profile to be precisely manufactured, ensuring a secure fit between each plank. By utilising wood by-products that would otherwise be burned or sent to landfills, the HDF coreboard is also environmentally responsible.

Extreme HDF

Extreme HDF coreboard is compressed to an average density of 1500kg/m³, nearly double that of regular HDF coreboards. The added weight minimises vibrations and enhances overall durability.


The coreboard has been tested and certified to have 0% thickness swelling (TS) after 24 hours, surpassing the EN 13329 requirement of average TS of 18% or lower after 24 hours. The high-density composition and hardness of the coreboard, coupled with a vacuum nozzle-powered injection system that coats all four sides of each plank with a water-repellent agent, results in high moisture resistance that prevents the joints from swelling. Ultraboden 8.5mm can survive flooding.


The coreboard has achieved an ASTM E84-19b Class A rating for fire resistance. In the unfortunate event of a fire, Ultraboden 8.5mm can slow the spread of flames and smoke.


The coreboard is deformed to create structures mimicking the scraped wood, cracks, gaps and bevelled edges found in solid wood planks. The shallow micro-beveled edge offers a subtle definition from plank to plank, adding depth and character to Ultraboden 8.5mm while ensuring that little to no dust gathers at the joints.

Micro-E technology

Micro-E technology creates a micro-bevel (30° to 45°) at the edge of each floorboard, to eliminate sharp edges and reduce light reflection at the joints. The result is a smooth transition between planks that exudes luxury and sophistication.

Backing layer.

The waterproof melamine resin backing layer is engineered to provide a high degree of dimensional stability. It ensures that Ultraboden 8.5mm remains perfectly balanced and resistant to cupping or bowing when properly installed and maintained.

Engraved logo

Floorbit's logo is embossed on the back of each plank, which serves as a mark of authenticity of the product.



Ultraboden 8.5mm features a bulge-resistant middle layer and a fully waterproof melamine resin surface. These elements ensure that mop water and spills won't cause any damage, making Ultraboden 8.5mm suitable for rooms with high humidity.

While Ultraboden 8.5mm is not recommended for outdoor areas or rooms with permanently high moisture loads, such as shower cubicles, saunas, and rooms with floor drains, it is more than capable of handling the occasional accident. The waterproof coreboard means that a spilled glass of water is no longer a cause for concern. However, we still recommend removing any standing moisture as soon as reasonably possible to maintain the longevity of Ultraboden 8.5mm. To clean your Ultraboden 8.5mm floor, simply use a damp mop.



Extreme HDF is made from recovered wood, which includes wood waste collected from sawmills, forest management processes, and roadside maintenance. By using these by-products, which would otherwise be burned or discarded, no round logs or endangered trees are used in the manufacturing process.

Ultraboden 8.5mm does not contain any PVC, plasticisers (phthalates), heavy metals, pesticides or other harmful additives, thus reducing emissions and creating a safer, healthier living environment.

suitable for residential and commercial applications

Suitable for residential and commercial applications.

Whether you're constructing a new building from the ground up, renovating an existing home, or simply refreshing a single room, Ultraboden 8.5mm is up to any challenge. Its easy-to-clean surface resists cigarette burns, minimises ambient sound and footfalls and provides a warm, comfortable feel underfoot. The click system ensures easy installation in any room, from the staircase and living room to the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

In the world of retail and exhibition design, Ultraboden 8.5mm truly shines. Its versatility allows for the creation of bespoke shops, eye-catching exhibition stands and temporary shop-in-shop displays. The cost-effective floating installation method eliminates the need for time-consuming preparatory work, enabling swift and efficient temporary constructions. When paired with Floorbit underlay, Ultraboden 8.5mm is capable of withstanding heavy loads while protecting the subfloor beneath. From cashier areas and entrances to walkways and changing rooms, from storage and social spaces to offices and emergency escape routes, Ultraboden 8.5mm is the flooring that does it all.

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ultraboden 8.5mm customer image
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