synchrowood 8mm 807 merbau
synchrowood 8mm 82 winzer
synchrowood 8mm 85 giorgia
synchrowood 8mm 311 rovere matinee
synchrowood 8mm 313 domus oak
synchrowood 8mm 316 rovere bellota
synchrowood 12mm 513 domus oak
synchrowood 12mm 518 rovere monterrey
synchrowood 12mm 585 giorgia
synchrowood 12mm 03 smoked-oak
synchrowood 12mm 07 dark side oak
synchrowood 12mm 09 natural walnut
floorbit 4mm 610 silk grey
floorbit 4mm 612 oak natural
floorbit 4mm 613 java teak
floorbit 4mm 615 oak beige
floorbit 5mm 501 silk grey
floorbit 5mm 502 noce nogaro
floorbit 5mm 503 ultra vintage oak
floorbit 5mm 505 navara oak marone
floorbit 5mm 506 sacramento oak beige
floorbit 5mm 508 navara oak grey
floorbit 5mm 509 attersea dark oak
floorbit 5mm 510 amazon yellow oak
ultraboden 8.5mm 01 sharun teak
ultraboden 8.5mm 02 sionne oak
ultraboden 8.5mm 03 fuori
ultraboden 8.5mm 05 amsterd oak
ultraboden 8.5mm 06 arcadio
ultraboden 8.5mm 08 waldo noce
waterblock 8.6mm w01 raggi di sole
waterblock 8.6mm w02 bianco
waterblock 8.6mm w03 desiderio
waterblock 8.6mm w05 authentico
waterblock 8.6mm w06 barcelona oak
waterblock 8.6mm w08 black walnut
waterblock 8.6mm w09 bocote
waterblock 8.6mm w10 bubinga
herringbone 12.6mm 05 authentico
herringbone 12.6mm 06 barcelona oak
herringbone 12.6mm 08 black walnut
herringbone 12.6mm 09 bocote
herringbone 12.6mm 10 bubinga
waterblock 6mm w6601 blanca roble
waterblock 6mm w6602 pizarra
waterblock 6mm w6603 durazno
waterblock 6mm w6605 sabio roble
waterblock 6mm w6606 moreno teca
waterblock 6mm w6608 fresia
waterblock 6mm w6609 chocolate
waterblock 6mm w6610 jarra vino

Order Samples

Order Samples

Regular price RM 25.00
This service is currently available for customers in Kuching, Samarahan and Serian only.
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Service Information

Each sample costs RM25, which includes transport, packaging, handling and administrative costs. If you decide to purchase more than 500 sq. ft. of Floorbit floors, the cost of your samples will be fully refunded to your original payment method.

Floorbit offers free samples to qualified business customers. If you represent a business and would like to learn more about our free sample program, please contact us here.

Buying a new floor is a big decision. That is why Floorbit offer samples, so you can get a feel for the floor(s) you like.

See and feel the floor

While browsing the website can help you narrow your selection, Floorbit also recommend customers see and feel their floor(s) of choice in person.

Side-by-side comparison

Unable to decide between different floors? Seeing them side-by-side is the ideal way to compare them and select your favourite.

Compatibility with the interior

Before you buy a floor, make sure it fits in with your furniture and matches the colour of the walls. Use a sample and check whether your chosen floor is compatible with the rest of your home.

Different lighting

Lighting can transform the look and feel of a floor. Make sure to test the effect of light on the colour of your floor in different rooms and at different times of the day.

Put Floorbit floors to the test

Floorbit floors have excellent stain, impact, wear and water resistance. Put Floorbit samples to the test to see if they can withstand the wear and tear of everyday situations in your home.

Step 1 - Find a floor you love

Once you have found the floor colour(s) of choice, select the variant(s) you like and enter the quantities desired to add it to your cart. Samples are RM25 each.

Step 2 - Checkout

Select the shopping cart icon and click Check out. Enter your info, review your order and submit. Your sample order will be on its way. 

Once your samples arrive

Allow your sample to help you envision your new space. Place it near existing finishes and furniture for confidence in your selection. Try it out in different areas and under different lighting.