floorbit 4mm and floorbit 5mm product structure floorbit 4mm and floorbit 5mm product structure

Floorbit 4mm

Luxury vinyl plank without breaking the bank.

From RM 6.60 / sq ft

1. UV-resistant coating

Protect the decorative paper from fading and discolouration.

2. Overlay

The overlay is a transparent film that protects the decor paper underneath from mechanical influence. This top layer makes Floorbit 4mm floor resistant to stains, wear and impact.


Rated as AC2, Floorbit 4mm is suitable for residential areas with medium usage such as in living rooms and dining rooms.


Floorbit 4mm is non-staining. Even furniture or chair castors leave no traces. The floor is easy to clean due to the tightly sealed surface preventing dirt from sticking. Stains of all kinds, in the kitchen or otherwise, can easily be removed from the planks using acetone, thinner, or alcohol. 


The textures on the floorboards increase stability and reduce the chances of slips and falls. The anti-slip properties ensure a comfortable walking experience in all rooms.

3. Decorative Layer

Decor describes the appearance of a floor’s surface. This layer can be printed with any natural wood design without using harmful dyes and pigments. Wood surface reproduction is printed on the decorative foil using digital imaging techniques.

4. Coreboard

The coreboard forms the heart of Floorbit 4mm and is durable, stable, and highly moisture-resistant. The coreboard provides better plank stability and allows the click profile to be manufactured precisely. It has an average density of above 1200kg/m³, so it is more resistantto wear and tear. 


The coreboard, made of waterproof composite material, has a high degree of hardness, density, and insignificant swelling behaviour to moisture. High moisture resistance prevents the joints from swelling. It is also termite-resistant, without the use of any insecticides.

5. Backing layer

This waterproof backing layer helps to balance the product and provides a high degree of dimensional stability. It ensures that the floor will not cup or bow when properly installed and maintained.

Patented DPL TechnoBalancer

The backing layer is adhered to the bottom of the coreboard in a single production step using DPL technology. This protects the coreboard from moisture.

Engraved logo

Our logos are embossed at the back of each plank to signify the authenticity of the product.



The coreboard was tested and certified for 0% thickness swelling (TS) after 24 hours, which exceeds the EN 13329 requirement for average TS of 18% or lower after 24 hours. Because of the waterproof coreboard, an accident with a glass of water falling on the floor, for example, is not a problem. However, we recommend removing any standing moisture as soon as reasonably possible.



The floor planks are square/straight edges. After connecting the floor planks, there is no V-groove or bevel at the joint. This results in a seamless appearance where all planks create one uniform surface, suitable for a modern, minimalist interior.

easy to clean

Easy to clean.

Floorbit 4mm require minimal effort for cleaning and maintenance. They will remain in pristine condition for years to come. The tough wear layer (the walking layer) makes Floorbit 4mm durable and easy to maintain. It also minimises ambient sound and footfalls and feels warm underfoot.

stable in high-temperature environments

Stable in high-temperature environments.

Will not curl even when exposed to direct sunlight due to the patented TechnoBalancer. The overlay also creates a surface resistant to chemicals, water, organic solvents, light and temperature.

high locking strength

High locking strength.

The coreboard has an average density of above 1200kg/m³. With higher-density (harder) coreboards, there will be a stronger and more stable click connection between the planks.

high impact resistance

High impact resistance.

The surface has a strong protective layer. It can withstand heavy impact and remain mark-free and undamaged. The unique multilayer construction of our floor, together with the dense core material, provides very high impact resistance to handle dropped objects and high-heeled shoes.



Floorbit 4mm is engineered to meet the highest termite resistance requirements. It complies with EN 13329 requirements to provide higher resistance against moisture, heat, abrasion, termite, fading, stains, and impact, as certified by Entwicklungs- und Prüflabor Holztechnologie GmbH (EPH).



Formaldehyde emissions are classified into different classes, E1, E2 and E3, with E1 being the lowest pollutant emission. The output of formaldehyde, that is, the formaldehyde content of the air, is measured in “parts per million” (ppm). The permissible limit value is 0.1 ppm. Floorbit 4mm are of class E1 and therefore regarded as pollutant-free. Proper ventilation can reduce levels of formaldehyde and other common indoor air contaminants in homes.



Floorbit 4mm do not contain pesticides, organochlorine compounds, heavy metals or other harmful additives. It is also free from phthalates and plasticisers.

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floorbit 4mm customer image
floorbit 4mm customer image
floorbit 4mm customer image
floorbit 4mm customer image
floorbit 4mm customer image
floorbit 4mm customer image

floorbit 4mm customer image
floorbit 4mm customer image
floorbit 4mm customer image
floorbit 4mm customer image
floorbit 4mm customer image
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