Floorbit 5mm




1220mm x 180mm



Plank Edge


Number of grooves

4 (The planks have grooves on all four sides, giving them a rustic look)

Type of grooves

Genuine micro-bevel (The colour, design, and structure go through the micro-bevel from plank to plank)

Abrasion Class / Usage Class

AC3 / 21-23 and 31

Surface Texture

Wood Grain (WG)

Installation Method




Planks / Box


sq ft / Box


Weight / Box

approx. 24 kg

Boxes / Pal


sq ft / Pal


Weight / Pal

approx. 1225 kg

Pal / 20ft container





Waterproof Composite Material


Nominal thickness (EN 13329): ± 0.5mm

Squareness (EN 13329): ≤ 0.25mm

Straightness (EN 13329): ≤ 0.30mm

Flatness of the elements (EN 13329): ≤ 1.20%

Openings (EN 13329): ≤ 0.25mm

Height difference (EN 13329): ± 0.20mm

Light fastness (EN ISO 105 B02): Blue Wool Scale ≥ 6

Density (EN 323:1993): 923.8 g/cm³

Resistance to cigarette burns (EN 438): Class 4

Thickness swelling (EN 13329 Annex G): 0% (≤ 18%)

Movement of a furniture leg (EN 424): No damage

Castor chair resistance (EN 425): No damage

Resistance to staining (EN 4385): 5 (group 1 & 2)

Impact resistance (EN 13329 Annex F): IC 1

Wear resistance (EN 13329:2017): class AC3

Level of usage (ISO 24336:2005): 21-23 and 31

Reaction to fire (EN ISO 1716): Class B

Formaldehyde emission (EN 717-1:2005): class E1

Waterproofness (ISO 24336:2005): N.A.

Heavy metals (EPA 3052 & 6060B): N.D., Pass

Phthalate test (CPSC-CH-C1001-09.3): Not Detected PASS

Hardness Section 17 (ASTM D 1037:12 Section 17):

Front View Average (N): 3907

Back View Average (N): 3887

Residual Indentation (ASTM F3261-17 & ASTM F1914-17):

Max. Value: 0.15mm

Soluble elements analysis in non-surface coating materials (ASTM F963-17): Not Detected PASS

Dimensional Stability and Curling (ASTM F3261-17 & ISO 23999:2008):

Dimensional Stability: 0.05%

Curling: 0.5mm

Static Load Resistance (ASTM F3261-17 & ASTM F970-17):

Average Value: 0.01mm

Locking Strength (ISO 24334:2014): F0.2 is Fmax0

Standard Coefficient of Friction (Standard Leather) (ASTM D 2047-11):

Dry:: 0.43

Wet1: 0.62

Does not require test under wet condition

Peel Strength (ASTM D903-98 (2017)):

Type of Failure: Separate between the wear layer and core material by peeling

Mean: 0.34 Kg/mm

Limited Warranty

Your Floorbit 5mm flooring comes with a ten-year limited warranty for residential applications or a two-year limited warranty for commercial applications. Purchase the Floorbit Warranty Extension to extend your service and support to fifteen years from your flooring’s purchase date. Only the Floorbit Warranty Extension Programme provides you with direct support from Floorbit technical experts and the assurance that repairs will be handled by Floorbit authorised installers.


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