1220mm x 180mm



Plank Edge


Number of grooves

4 (The planks have grooves on all four sides, giving them a rustic look)

Type of grooves

Genuine micro-bevel (The colour, design, and structure go through the micro-bevel from plank to plank)

Abrasion Class / Usage Class

AC3 / 21-23 and 31

Surface Texture

Wood Grain (WG)

Installation Method




Planks / Box


sq ft / Box


Weight / Box

approx. 24 kg

Boxes / Pal


sq ft / Pal


Weight / Pal

approx. 1225 kg

Pal / 20ft container





Waterproof Composite Material


Nominal thickness (EN 13329): ± 0.5mm

Squareness (EN 13329): ≤ 0.25mm

Straightness (EN 13329): ≤ 0.30mm

Flatness of the elements (EN 13329): ≤ 1.20%

Openings (EN 13329): ≤ 0.25mm

Height difference (EN 13329): ± 0.20mm

Light fastness (EN ISO 105 B02): Blue Wool Scale ≥ 6

Density (EN 323:1993): 923.8 g/cm³

Resistance to cigarette burns (EN 438): Class 4

Thickness swelling (EN 13329 Annex G): 0% (≤ 18%)

Movement of a furniture leg (EN 424): No damage

Castor chair resistance (EN 425): No damage

Resistance to staining (EN 4385): 5 (group 1 & 2)

Impact resistance (EN 13329 Annex F): IC 1

Wear resistance (EN 13329:2017): class AC3

Level of usage (ISO 24336:2005): 21-23 and 31

Reaction to fire (EN ISO 1716): Class B

Formaldehyde emission (EN 717-1:2005): class E1

Waterproofness (ISO 24336:2005): N.A.

Heavy metals (EPA 3052 & 6060B): N.D., Pass

Phthalate test (CPSC-CH-C1001-09.3): Not Detected PASS

Hardness Section 17 (ASTM D 1037:12 Section 17):

Front View Average (N): 3907

Back View Average (N): 3887

Residual Indentation (ASTM F3261-17 & ASTM F1914-17):

Max. Value: 0.15mm

Soluble elements analysis in non-surface coating materials (ASTM F963-17): Not Detected PASS

Dimensional Stability and Curling (ASTM F3261-17 & ISO 23999:2008):

Dimensional Stability: 0.05%

Curling: 0.5mm

Static Load Resistance (ASTM F3261-17 & ASTM F970-17):

Average Value: 0.01mm

Locking Strength (ISO 24334:2014): F0.2 is Fmax0

Standard Coefficient of Friction (Standard Leather) (ASTM D 2047-11):

Dry:: 0.43

Wet1: 0.62

Does not require test under wet condition

Peel Strength (ASTM D903-98 (2017)):

Type of Failure: Separate between the wear layer and core material by peeling

Mean: 0.34 Kg/mm

Limited Warranty

Your Floorbit 5mm flooring comes with a two-year limited warranty for residential applications or a one-year limited warranty for commercial applications.

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