Flooring Repair

Flooring Repair

Flooring Repair

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This service is currently available for customers in Kuching, Samarahan and Serian only.
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Service Information

A one-time site visit service for floors installed by Floorbit’s authorised installers to assess and recommend potential technical rectification and repair options. The cost for this service is RM100 per visit, which is refundable if the issue is determined to be caused by improper installation by Floorbit's authorised installers. The refund will be processed to your original payment method used for this service. After payment, Floorbit will contact you to schedule a convenient time for the site visit.

Service includes:

  1. Post-installation support to address any issues that may arise after Floorbit's installation.
  2. Technical staff will perform a flooring assessment and condition check.
  3. Determination of whether the issue is covered under warranty or if necessary repair work is required.
  4. If the issue is not covered under warranty, any repair work requested will be charged based on the specific condition of the flooring and the extent of the repair needed. A quote will be provided for your approval before any work commences.

Floorbit offers this service free of charge for qualified business customers. Please contact us here for more information.

Glueless flooring installation makes replacing individual boards a snap. Floorbit flooring may be assembled and disassembled several times. Carefully disassembled glueless joints will retain their original locking integrity during reassembly.

  1. Remove flooring accessories as needed to replace the damaged board(s).
  2. Take the flooring apart, one row at a time, by lifting the rows to detach them and then separating the individual boards. Be sure to stack the individual planks in the proper order for reinstallation. This usually eliminates the need to cut planks for the start or end of the row lengths.
  3. Replace the damaged board with a piece from the edge of the original installation.
  4. Insert the new plank(s) along the outer edge of the original flooring installation during reassembly to minimise the chance that a newer plank might stand out from the wear condition of the original installation.
  5. Reinstall the flooring accessories.